Die Alone

by Chromatic Colors



released September 14, 2018

Mixed by Wil Bakula
Mastered by Atomic Disc


all rights reserved



Chromatic Colors Oregon

Somewhere between jazz-fusion, psych-rock, funk, and art pop, lies Chromatic Colors; a talented young trio with tunes that will put you deep in the groove, only to have it smashed to pieces, and glued back together.

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Track Name: Downtown/Uptown
/ / why do i sell my soul / to fuzz guitar / pretend i love it / to show that i love you
Track Name: San Jose
/ / sleeping on my side across the chairs / wake up at five in a daze in san jose / maybe i dreamt of you all night / it's alright / trying to convince you in my head / to kiss me all the time, the argument's tight, it isn't my place / i don't want to talk you into it / it's not right / tired of your flimsy tragic past / maybe i don't want to talk about it
Track Name: Coming Soon
/ / life is always coming soon / and i'm wondering if it all is even worth it / life is always coming soon
Track Name: Armadillo
/ / the stars aligns / birds sang when you looked at me and said / see you in hell / i hope i never see you again / there is a melody in your smile like / christmas pop in fall / so sweet deadly always trying too hard / so are you better off now? / i kinda hope your worse cause / i'm a petty bitch / someone tell me why you still cross my mind / i'm out of windows to stare out wistfully / i'm out of gin to drink / i'm out of old dreams to cry about / maybe i like this place i found / i want to stay with you / or i should pack my shit and go / find a city that i find tolerable / find new things to do / why have friends when you have lessons to learn? / / long ago it was too long ago / get over it get over yourself
Track Name: Damn, Dude
/ / can't get over that guitar / damn dude you do it well / hey come over after class / why not take me to hell / i haven't traveled in a while / can't get over how it felt / right here before you left / can't say you did it great / but is that what i want? / caught me staring at the wall / posters tell me something else / i haven't traveled in a while / kentucky whiskey on your bedstand / how long have you let it sit there? / maybe you'd find yourself in joyland / how long would you like to be there?
Track Name: Die Alone
/ / holy ghosted again / the heavenly choirs i heard when you spent the night were almost worth it / plant-based, but egg is on my face again / i don't think you understand how much this happens / is there something wrong with me? / / i'm better off / he checked facebook on his phone naked in bed / i know i'm better off / but i'm pretty sure i'm bound to die alone / / avoid most boys with guitars / chances are he leaves without reason or warning / he left me feeling like a garbage troll / even sober i felt awful the next morning / / i'm better off / he got harder for concertos than for me / i know i'm better off / but i'm pretty sure i'm bound to die alone / / i'm pretty sure i'll die alone / yeah boy, you like that? / i tried my best to soften up / but he liked the callouses on my fingers / / i'm better off / he repeated his own jokes that didn't land / i know i'm better off / but i'm pretty sure i'm bound to die alone / if you're nonchalant you won't get anywhere / it's even worse, somehow, to show you care / so get cozy with some cats and die alone

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